Wood System Type 700

Chain conveyor system biofuels in power plants.


Grain Wood chain conveyor type 700, is made in modular sections that can be easily be build together. In this way we can always deliver a transport system that fits right into your installation, weather it is existing og new.

The sectional side panels are made of 3 mm galvanized plate, the base plate is made of 3 mm sheet. The cover panel is made of 2 mm galvanized sheet metal.

Chain rail is covered in to side plates special profile, and, there is no contact with the materilale transported. Chain Rails are made from HDPE 1000 for durable and quiet operation.
GrainWood type 700, with its strong structure designed to transport large quantities, and is offered with capacities greater than 200 m3 / h, depending on how the conveyer is running

  • High capacity - Up to 200 m3/h on 7,5 kW gearmotor..
  • A tenth energy pitted against traditional air/duct transport.
  • Transport in all degrees up to vertical.
  • Up to 8 meters free span
  • Reliable. The slow-moving chain, means very little wear
  • Fireproof. The slow-moving chain creates no sparks
  • Quiet. The slow-moving chain means almost silent transport
  • Minimum maintenance. All components have been carefully selected to ensure extremely long lifetime

  • Normally technical staff can maintain the system.

  • We can install without downtime.

The conveyor is assembled with a very strong Lap, which makes it is possible to build the conveyor together as you want it.

Standard sections are supplied in the following sizes. 490, 990.1390​​ & 1990 mm..

In addition, there is provided bends of 15o and 45o. In this way, ther can be made bends of 15o, 30o, 45o, 60o 75o and 90o.

The conveyor is ATEX approved inside for Zone 21, and it comes with Stiff explosion vents. The GrainWood conveyor is also available with ATEX approved gearmotor and electrical contacts, so that it can be installed in a Atex zone.



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