Wood System Type 450 Bio

GRAIN BIO conveyor is modular conveyor, designed specifically for the transport of wood chips.
The conveyor is built of sections, which come in different lengths and with different degrees of bending.
The sections are standard, made from galvanized sheet, bottom plate is 3 mm, side plates is 2 mm, and the top plate is 2 mm. If there are special requirements for materials due to either in or external environment, the conveyer can be supplied as stainless, painted, etc.


In each side of the conveyor two heavy chain rails are places. They are made ​​from antistatic PEHD 1000 and this is where the chain runs. The bottom chain is encapsulated in the chain rail, so that contact with the material being transported is avoided.
The chains are powerful conveyor chains having a pitch of 100 mm and has a tensile strength of 80 each CN.


GRAIN BIO conveyor is designed to have have a free span of up to 8 meters between support points.
The conveyor is assembled with a very strong Lap joints, which makes it possible to build conveyer  as you may need it to fin into new or existing instalations..


GRAIN BIO conveyor has a capacity up to 50 m3/hr at a maximum increase of 60 °.
Standard sections in the following lengths. 490, 990.1390​​, 1990 and 2900 mm and bends of

 15° and 45° can be supplied. With these bends you can have it in 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°.



The conveyor is ATEX approved inside for Zone 21 is supplied with explosion ventilation. If the carrier set in a atex zone can also be supplied with gear motor and other electrical components approved for the entitled Atex zone..








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