Wood pellet factory

Wood Pellets
GRAIN Wood has extensive knowledge about pelletizing

of wood and other biomasses. We assist

clients through the entire process when they for

example wants to start their own pellet production.

Depending on the raw material GRAIN Wood and

the customer can assemble an installation that

seamlessly manage the handling of the material

from arrival to drying, grinding and on to the pelletizing

and subsequently cooling.

We also have the equipment for further handling,

such as power screening, storage and supply - both

in bags and bulk.




As the price for raw material keep rising the production

of biofuel must be as effective as possible. We

create solutions that are both energy ef

fi cient and reliable whether its optimization of existing facilities or construction of new plants.



GRAIN Wood has matched this challenge and

developed a series of conveyors that due to their

special construction meets these requirements.

Wood systems transport materials such as wood

pellets, sawdust, paper, most types of wood chips

and straw with capacities of more than 300 m3/ h

at any angle from 0° to 90° in a very energy efficient system.





Grain Wood has chosen to invest in research and

development to be ahead regarding the increasing

demands for environmental friendly machinery.

All Wood systems conveyors meet thedemands of the ATEX directive.




One-tenth power consumption

Simultaneously Wood system is capable of transporting

in all degrees from horizontal to vertical

with a free span of up to eight meters.

It is quiet, reliable,

fi reproof, easy to maintain and energy saving by using only one tenth of the power compared to traditional air transportation.

Wood Systems is therefore the ideal conveyor for

biofuels in bio powerplants.













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