Roller mill

The CPM/ROSKAMP Roller Mill has established a strong market position as a machine for the production of layer mash feed with an extraordinary good structure.

The CPM/ROSKAMP Roller Mill series have a heavy duty design and are available with 1, 2 or 3 roller pairs.

A roller pair is driven at one side by an electrical motor,while at the other side a speed difference between the rollers is created by V-belt reduction. Due to the cutting action of the rollers a 40 to 60 % energy saving can be achieved in relation to the traditional Hammer mill.

Also a most homogeneous mash structure with

reduced fine content is acquired, without the presence of unbroken grains. This results into improved mashfeed flow characteristics.


The CPM/ROSKAMP Roller Mill is being applied in a

wide range of particle reduction applications out side

the Feed Milling Industries. Within the feed milling

industries developments can be found where the

efficiency in particle reduction by means of the roller

mill is further explored. In the combined grinding

process the Roller Mill is being applied in two ways.

First for the production of layer mash feed with an

excellent structure and secondly pre-grinding the mash

feed for the Hammer mill. The pre-grinding increases

the capacity of the Hammer mill between 40 and 60%

and at same time reduces the total energy

consumption by 20%.

The CPM Roskamp Roller mill is designed for the most

demanding cracking and grinding operations. Roll

corrugations and roll speed differential ratios are

available to match any operating conditions. Unique

bearing slides assure accurate, consistent production. All

machine functions adapt easily to full-automation. The

rugged construction guarantees maximum performance

around the clock.





Rolls are of the highest-quality straight carbon clear chill

cast iron. All rolls are cast, machined, and ground to the

best technical specifications. Depth of chill is minimum

of 16 mm (.625 inches). Allows custom corrugating for

specific product configurations. Large diameter shafts

are high tensile, high yield alloy steel. Roll face and shafts

are cylindrically ground to assure concentricity.


Roll shaft bearings are self-aligning spherical roller

bearings. Tapered bearing bore with adapter sleeve

provides positive locking fit with shaft to prevent shaft

fretting. Bearings and housings need not be removed

during recorrugation. All bearing lube ports are easily

accessible for maintenance.


Bearing housings and slide block assure positive roll tram

(maintain rolls in same horizontal plane for positive

particle size control and assures best roll life).

External tension and pressure members contain roll

separating forces and maintain parallel and tram.


Roll adjustment is made by machine screw jacks. It

provides accurate, repeatable gap adjustment and

assures parallelism of rolls. Air motors provide rapid

roll adjustments. Manual handwheel is standard for

fine control. Optional full feature design provides

remote roll adjust with digital read out. Remote roll

stop offers maximum protection.


V-Belt Inter-Roll drives for silent operation in lower

horsepower applications (up to 37 kW per pair). Belt

tension can be adjusted without removing the guard.

Heavy duty idler arrangement keeps belts positively


Gear Box Inter-Roll Drives for higher horsepower

applications (up to 75 kW per pair). V-belt drive to

input shaft of gearbox provides shock absorbing











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