Drying with superheated dry steam

Waste Recycling -Be good to the environment - and save money at the same time


One of the world's biggest environmental problems is the ever-increasing waste quantities.
Handling and recycling of waste is costly, energy-intensive and in most cases extremely harmful to the environment.
At the same time the earth's energy resources are limited and therefore alternative forms of energy are needed in the future.
Grain Wood introduces a unique and pioneering drying system "Dry
Steam System ", which makes it possible to dry and
recycle a wide range of waste products
an unprecedented energy and environmentally sound way.


Drying with superheated dry steam


The unique Dry Steam System is the pricip behind the drying. Instead of the conventional
hot-air drying, superheated steam is used as drying medium.
The material to be dried is heated to above 100 ° C, whereby the liquid is boiled out of the product. The fluid, which is now in the form of steam are withdrawn from the drying chamber and condensed.
The thermal energy in the condensate can then be
recovered as energy source, such as in district heating og proces heat.
Drying with Dry Steam System Provides an energy saving up to 85% compared to traditional drying with hot air. At the same time there is absolutly no escape of dust or odor to the environment.

For further information; contakt Svend Erik Thomsen on phone number + 45 97740044 or mail grain@grainwood.dk









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