Champion Hammer Mill
Designed for the most demanding tasks


Since many years, hammermills are used in various

industries and nowadays often play an important role

in production facilities. The most hammermill grinders

are used in the animal feed industry, but also in other

industries, hammermills are found.

Grinding of products like saw dust and wood chips for

fuel purpose are nowadays very common. Grinding of

tough, fibrous products require stronger and more

heavy duty machinery.


For grinding pet foods and aquatic feeds also other

demands apply. The ability of fine grinding at high

capacity requires hammermill features like large screen

area, high tip speeds and a small clearance between

hammer and screen.

The hammermills of the Champion product line have

been designed to suit each specific grinding



To withstand the heavy loading on the hammermills

while grinding tough and fibrous materials like

biomass, the Champion hammermills have been

designed with an extremely heavy duty base frame.

The mass of the hammermill absorbs any vibrations

while the stiffness of the frame allows a very small

clearance between hammer and screen. In combination

with the very high hammer tip speeds, this

hammermill assures efficient fine grinding under

smooth running conditions.

The screens encircle the grindingchamber with nearly

continous screen surface for maximum grinding action

and throughput per cicle. Especially for fine grinding

applications like pet foods and aquatic feeds, the

champion hammermills have a wide range of screen

areas available. Grinding pet foods through as small as

0,4 mm screens will reduce the effective open area

dramaticly. Using the enormous screen area available

on the Champion hammermills will optimize the

capacity even while grinding extremely fine.


Please feel free to contact us for a good solution

for your grinding needs.









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